20/02/2007 - 22:00

Leigh Junk - Donegal Resources Pty Ltd/Brilliant Mining Corporation Ltd

20/02/2007 - 22:00


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Leigh Junk - Donegal Resources Pty Ltd/Brilliant Mining Corporation Ltd

Title: Director

Business: Nickel mining

Total employees: 28

Reporting directly: n/a



Leigh Junk believes his most significant business achievement is what kick-started his business career – his contribution to the winning tender for the Miitel nickel mine and leases in November 2000.

This followed months of work to put together a joint venture package between Donegal Resources and its equity partners, to tender on the nickel leases.

The WMC Wannaway nickel mine deal was followed by a joint venture with Sally Malay Mining. The Junk brothers sold Donegal Resources to listed Canadian miner Brilliant Mining Corp Ltd. The company is now listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and Mr Junk was appointed as director of Brilliant Mining.

Career guides

• To be fair and honest in everything you do and to have a desire to go after what you want.

• Treat your employees with respect. Investment in a well-balanced work and family life is vital for the effectiveness and happiness of a person whilst at work.


Mr Junk completed a masters in mineral economics and an MBA at Curtin University.

He also received the 2003 WA Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. He supports the community of Kambalda where his operations are situated through various involvements.

Top tips

“My lawyer always says ‘never be pressured by time’. In the middle of a negotiation, this is great advice.”


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