28/07/2014 - 11:58

Legend Mining muscles in on Sirius

28/07/2014 - 11:58


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Legend Mining  muscles in on Sirius

Of all the companies claiming a proximity advantage to Sirius’ nickel deposit, Legend Mining is firming as one to watch.
Cornerstoned by Sirius company maker Mark Creasy, who holds the number one spot on Legend’s register, the company recently announced some very interesting aeromagnetic survey results at Fraser Range.
Strategically placed on the same structure 200 km northeast of Sirius’ nickel deposit and 100km south from Tropicana’s gold mine, Legend is potentially an each way bet.
With a rapidly filling war chest courtesy of a $17.5m sale of its iron ore play in Cameroon, Legend will also be one of the few Sirius neighbours funded to undertake an expansive exploration program. 


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