12/06/2000 - 22:00

Kitchen consultant a first for Perth

12/06/2000 - 22:00


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PERTH’S first commercial kitchen consultant is now available to assist the foodservice industry.

Kitchen consultant a first for Perth
n Rebecca De Rosa

PERTH’S first commercial kitchen consultant is now available to assist the foodservice industry.

Keith Short undertakes the specification of commercial kitchens, demonstrates commercial equipment to clients and staff and develops food styles for major food suppliers.

Mr Short said that, working closely with interior designers and architects, he can create an efficient and safe kitchen work environment.

“In addition, I advise on the correct choice of equipment required to make a kitchen function as productively as possible,” Mr Short said.

“There is a need in the market for such services because most kitchens are designed to satisfy a sales rep – the industry is dominated by dealers.

“Designing a kitchen to a chef’s standards is something altogether different.

“Commercial kitchen consulting is popular in the eastern States but is a new concept in Perth.”

Mr Short said he had no commercial affiliations, recommending products to clients on merit.

He said implementation of a new hospitality standards accreditation system was anticipated towards the end of the year, further increasing the need for quality control in the foodservice industry.

“A new standards accreditation system will eliminate backyard caterers and dodgy producers through processes like equipment audits,” he said.

“It will also, in the event of food contamination, establish whether it was caused by the supplier, chef or even the waiter.”

Mr Short’s services also include training staff on new concepts that are introduced into the workplace, assisting in the design and layout of menus and putting costings in place for those items, ‘styling’ of food through methods of cooking, flavours and presentation and providing market intelligence.

Mr Short can also introduce techniques to increase the shelf

life of certain food items and is available as a tournant (relief) chef.

He has twelve years experience as a qualified chef in hotels and restaurants across Australia.

Mr Short is also developing his own brand of clothes for the hospitality industry.

“These will be both uniform and after work clothes,” he said.

“Many chefs will no doubt embrace novelty variations on the old checked trousers, for example, seafood restaurants can follow a fish-based motif.”


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