13/06/2012 - 10:03

Kinetic aims for largest global IT firm

13/06/2012 - 10:03


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Kinetic aims for largest global IT firm
THINK BIG: Kinetic IT’s Terry North has a global goal. Photo: Grant Currall

Information and communication technology company Kinetic IT has very serious ambitions.

Chief executive and co-founder Terry North said the goal was to become the world’s largest IT management company.

Mr North said 17-year-old company had met its goals for the Australian market so far and the next step will be to go international to take on the big guns.

“It will take us 15 years to become the largest global IT service provider,” he said.

The business has achieved 30 to 40 per cent compound growth since it started in 1995 with two staff; with the large contracts coming online in the next week staff numbers will grow to over 1,000.

“My brother and I started the company initially and we were consulting in IT. We had some crazy idea that we would compete against the largest global outsourcers in this managed service type of business,” he said.

To help it on its way, Kinetic IT has signed two new contracts in the last three weeks. 

St John Ambulance signed a two year contract with Kinetic IT late last month, outsourcing its information technology management for the first time.

The business signed another contract with what chief executive Terry North said is one of the country’s biggest companies. A third contract is due to be signed next week with a large state government department.

The St John Ambulance contract is for the provision of service centre, project management and transition services, security and network, among other services, and will support 1,000 staff.

Kinetic IT’s average contract lasts between five and 10 years and is worth between $20 million and $60 million, generating direct contact with over 340,000 end users.

The St John Ambulance contract isn’t large scale, but Mr North said all of the contracts the business takes on fit into its strategic plan in some way.

“It’s one of our small customers we have but we like doing work for organisations that do things to improve community,” he said.

“It was a point in time when we had some spare capacity and some spare resources that were sitting on the bench so it was a good time to take on another Western Australian operation.”

The Kinetic IT model was built for scalability and it works best for clients that require support for a large end-user base.

“We are most effective when organisations we work with have more than 5,000 or 10,000 end users,” Mr North said.

“Our economies of scale become greater against our competition, the bigger the customer.”



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