Kinetic IT alliance wins $504m contract

24/06/2021 - 15:45


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An alliance of four ICT firms led by Kinetic IT has won a major new contract to deliver services to WA’s Department of Education.

Kinetic IT alliance wins $504m contract
Michael North's company will lead the ICT alliance.

An alliance of four ICT firms led by Kinetic IT has won a major new contract to deliver services to WA’s Department of Education.

The consortium, called the LIFT Alliance, will provide end-to-end ICT services and create a local innovation centre.

Perth-based Kinetic IT is the prime contractor in the LIFT Alliance.

Under the contract, Kinetic IT and ASG Group, together with local subcontractors, will provide ICT services to schools and support staff, including technical advice, solutions development, application management service and infrastructure managed services.

The other subcontractors are Campfire (formerly Permeance Technologies) and Systemic, which will deliver the applications portion of the contract.

The contract term is an initial seven years, with two optional extensions of two years each.

It will replace 15 existing contracts.

The contract is one of the largest to be awarded by the state government though a spokesperson said that, contrary to some media reports, it was not the largest.

The web site shows that six groups participated in the tender.

Kinetic IT chief executive Michael North said the innovative contract arrangement would deliver a seamless technology experience to the department.

“As prime contractor for the WA Department of Education deal, we’ll provide a single point of accountability for technology services, while collaborating with complementary providers to meet the department’s goals,” Mr North said.

“I’m excited to bring together these best-of-breed technology providers, each founded in WA, to support a vision in which every student can fulfil their potential through the power of technology.”

ASG Group chief executive Dean Langenbach said securing the Department of Education contract would set the stage for the alliance to tender for new and significant work in the near future.

The contractors have committed to employ 10 Aboriginal trainees.

Kinetic IT, which is owned by its local founders, is ranked as the largest ICT firm in WA with 552 ICT staff, according to Business News' Data & Insights.

ASG, which is owned by Japanese company Nomura Research Institute, is ranked #4 with 320 ICT staff.




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