15/02/2005 - 21:00

Keeping on top of company changes

15/02/2005 - 21:00


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Keeping on top of company changes

KEEPING track of critical changes to company details should become easier with a new system introduced by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

Under the system company officers or registered agents will be sent notices that either:

Confirm a critical change made to the ASIC database; or

Advise that a document has been lodged with ASIC that triggers a subsequent requirement to lodge a Change to company details form.

EDGE registered agents will get a notification that will remain in their mailbox as unread mail for 10 days.

If the document is not read in that time, the document will automatically be marked as read and will be no longer available.

Easylodge subscribers will receive an email notifying them that a notice is awaiting retrieval in their inbox.

This email will remain available until 92 days after the sent date.


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