21/09/2020 - 14:26

Keeping it in the family

21/09/2020 - 14:26


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A changing of the guard is underway at the Dowsing Group’s hardscapes business. Despite the transitioning leadership, the pivotal role remains firmly in the family with Sam Dowsing taking the reigns from brother Bohdan.

Bohdan Dowsing (left) with brother Sam Dowsing

Bohdan Dowsing has been a familiar face to many of Western Australia’s local governments. For more than a decade, Bohdan has been the contract representative overseeing countless projects. It is a role he hasn’t taken lightly in upholding the family legacy and reputation within the local government sector. The hardscapes division is a critical cog in the organisation, and its leadership has passed down from father to son, and now, sibling.

The Group’s succession planning saw Bohdan being appointed Executive Director in 2016. His passion for finding solutions to civil construction problems has seen him focus on new service lines, including road profiling and side paving.

Bohdan said, “The transition of the hardscapes leadership to my brother, Sam, ensures customers continue to receive the high level service they have come to expect.”

“Sam has been exposed to the family business from a young age and is no stranger to the art of concreting and footpath construction,” says Bohdan. “Sam’s appointment to the role was a no brainer; he has more than demonstrated he is capable of driving the next stage of growth, and I’m here to support him where needed.”

Sam Dowsing has been hands-on in the business since those early days and trained ‘The Dowsing Way’ (the Group’s proprietary training for developing a local capability in the practice of concreting).

“From the age of 14, I couldn’t wait for the school holidays so I could be onsite getting my hands dirty, learning the craft of concreting”, says Sam. “It was this experience that led to me study construction management.”

“I’m extremely excited by the opportunity to lead one of our core business units. It comes with added responsibility, and not without its challenges, but I’m fortunate enough to be supported by a dedicated team to continue serving our local government clients as best we can.” 

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