25/03/2020 - 13:49

Is it time to outsource your ICT? Get support during COVID-19

25/03/2020 - 13:49


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Is it time to outsource your ICT? Get support during COVID-19
TRUSTED ICT SUPPORT: (From left) Colin Smith, Technical Sales Manager - Market Creations and Mick Geaney, CEO - Hope Community Services with Nicolò Grosseto, System Technician - Market Creations.

Outsourcing your Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) services to a specialist solutions provider is something to be embraced in the age of rapidly changing technology. The COVID-19 pandemic has seen a further heightened use of working from home measures, with many implementing cloud technology and remote working measures swiftly in response.

Darren Lee is the Managing Director of Market Creations, a business leader in ICT service solutions. He says, by  utilising an outsourced ICT service provider your staff can continue to work on their core competencies, with the knowledge that your provider’s staff are specialists in their field.

“Providing staff with the capability to work from home allows more flexibility in the workplace, but your ICT infrastructure must be geared for it.”

“Implementing the right tools and protocols to work remotely can be beneficial for your business. In times where situations arise such as the coronavirus, employees can continue to contribute while reducing their personal risk of infection.”

“Our broad ICT service catalogue includes Technical/Consulting services, cloud services, Office 365, IP Telephony (IPTel)/(VoIP), Internet and Data Services, Hardware and Software sales and support.”

“Our ICT solutions can bring peace of mind for your business long after the threat of the coronavirus has passed.”

“Along with the potential cost savings – including financial benefits gained from smaller overheads – outsourcing your ICT means you can access and implement the latest technology without having your staff investigate the mountain of information out there to find the best solution,” Darren said.

A 2019 Deloitte Access Economics study looked at the economic value of cloud services in Australia, it showed the adoption of cloud services by businesses in Australia has resulted in a cumulative productivity benefit to the economy of $9.4 billion over the last 5 years.

Interestingly, more than half (57%) of users have been using cloud services for less than three years (Deloitte Access Economics 2018). Yet already more than three quarters (78%) of users have reported improvements in productivity since using cloud services.

Business can find the best fit model for them, some are successfully outsourcing their entire ICT including day-to-day operations, engaging in the “as a service” model to fulfil most of their requirements.

Others take on a specialist provider to fulfil an ICT project development, utilising the service provider to manage change and ensure business continuity throughout the change period.

With a large number of ICT companies offering their service in Western Australia and nationally, selecting a provider that suits you then becomes the challenge. How do you choose the right ICT solution for your business?

Colin Smith, Technical Sales Manager from Market Creations is a specialist within the ICT industry. Colin has worked across multiple industries in small, medium and large multinationals.

“You can look to outsource all or part of your ICT to a specialist provider. Key to selecting a suitable provider is to look for one that is knowledgeable, accountable, trust-worthy and easy to work with,” said Colin. 

“Look for an ICT solutions provider that is accredited by leading organisations and holds key partnerships with Tier 1 vendors, a best practice provider should be the aim when making your selection.”

Colin noted that businesses would benefit from Market Creations highly skilled and specialised ICT Consultants, support staff and technical engineers who collaborate to create a customised ICT solution for businesses.

The company is a Western Australian Local Government Authority (WALGA) preferred supplier and is supported by accreditations with various providers including Microsoft, Hitachi Vantara, VEEAM, Apple, Cisco, Dell, Fortinet, Vocus Group and AAPT.

“At Market Creations, our experienced ICT Team have successfully deployed ICT solutions across all types of industries, for small, medium and large organisations. Our team have worked with Local Government Associations, schools, private corporations and multi-nationals,” said Colin.

“We offer a complete range of ICT solutions from managed ICT services, cloud services, data centre and disaster recovery, IP Telephony to ICT consulting.” 

“Our business is to keep the ICT systems in your business operating, without down time, through the delivery of exceptional ICT solutions.”

Helping HOPE

Recently Market Creations deployed a range of ICT services for Hope Community Services - a not for profit organisation with over 100 staff.

Mick Geaney, Chief Executive Officer for Hope Community Services (HOPE) approached Market Creations with the challenge to provide a reliable ICT solution for connectivity issues the organisation was facing.

“HOPE provide support services to marginalised people across the State, including remote locations. We were looking for a reliable ICT solution that enabled us to do our work and meet our reporting obligations,” said Mr Geaney.

“Market Creations has been excellent in proposing and implementing affordable and effective ICT solutions for HOPE State-wide. Their knowledge of ICT options saved us over $110,000 when they proposed the use of a linked wireless solution as opposed to the laying of a fibre optic cable at our farm site, This greatly improved our connectivity and pleased staff no end.”

“We also found that Market Creations ICT staff speak in plain English, explain our options very well and work hard to get HOPE the best deals. We couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome and continued service.”

“Having a trusted ICT support provider for our business is so important. You can’t beat trust” Mr Geaney said.

Market Creations has been operating for over 20 years, providing businesses, government agencies and community groups with innovative marketing and technology solutions.

The technology or ICT arm of the business has been quietly amassing a large client roll, investing in solutions and services and maintaining a high level of industry knowledge through employing experienced professionals with a focus on continued learning.

Contact Market Creations ICT team direct on 6168 1040


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