19/02/2019 - 10:12

Is an Online MBA for you?

19/02/2019 - 10:12


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Is an Online MBA for you?

The education sector is rapidly evolving, especially in an era where everything is accessible at the touch of a button and from the comfort of your home. With so many professionals beginning their careers directly after completing an undergraduate degree, to some, it may have seemed almost impossible to attain a postgraduate qualification whilst working full-time. However, now that universities are becoming more and more innovative, professionals can now study programs such as a Master of Business Administration 100% online. The benefits of this option are endless since there is now the luxury of flexibility, networking and new opportunities to enhance an individual’s professional career.


Studying an MBA online means that you can continue working full time, expand on your experience and attain new strategic ways of thinking. Flexibility is of the utmost importance in the modern workforce due to an increasing emphasis on work-life balance. Online courses allow you to finish in a shorter time, as well as enjoying the luxury of time by focusing on your career and spending time with family. The online MBA program is structured to keep your other activities separate from your studies. The overall intent of an online program is to give students the autonomy to have control of their life versus the traditional MBA program where it is mandatory to attend on-campus lectures. This approach comprehends the unforeseen circumstances that may arise, which is why there is so much elasticity in the way units are delivered and learned in an MBA online program.


An MBA will broaden the network of anyone that is already experienced. Undertaking this internationally recognised credential will automatically connect you to industry leaders that share common interests and values regarding their work.  A unique aspect of an online MBA program is becoming comfortable working in a digital and virtual learning environment. Why is this relevant? Organisations are increasingly expanding on a global scale, often having several international offices and clients in different time zones, making strong stakeholder management skills essential. An important tool for networking purposes is LinkedIn, which allows students to connect with other individuals in their network that went to the same school. Each student that graduates whether online or traditional, are all part of the same alumni. 

New Opportunities

Far too often, when professionals have been doing the same type of work for several years, it can be difficult to transition to a similar or even an entirely different career path. The MBA program covers a broad range of management and business disciplines, which offers individuals the chance to develop fully transferable leadership skills, with the credentials of a highly sought after and recognised degree.  


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