08/06/2004 - 22:00

Inventory management tests ready for roll-out

08/06/2004 - 22:00


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Inventory management tests ready for roll-out

A LOCAL software development start-up has commercialised an inventory management product spun out of an in-house system used at a local printing operation.

Technology Park-based My Inventory Pty Ltd has been testing its MY-I software at a range of sites across Australia and expects to begin making sales in July.

Initially developed as an in-house system at Daniels Printing Craftsmen in Osborne Park, the MY-I system was created to provide a ‘live’, secure stock management solution for the distribution of print material to the financial services sector.

However, My Inventory managing director Richard Henning said the commercial potential of the product was immediately evident.

“What Daniels did was provide it to a number of their clients as part of some of the contracts they already had and from there we decided to put together a new company and expand it,” he said.

“It is much more productive in terms of human resource time because the whole system is paper free.”

The MY-I system is a web-based stand alone system product that works with a SQL server database located at a remote centralised location.

The system is designed to eliminate paper work and provide online tracking of orders, including reporting capabilities.

Mr Henning said the cost of the product would depend on the type of business and the number of users, however the pricing models were between $2,500 and $10,000 annually.

Mr Henning, who is also managing director of IT&T commercialisation firm Expertec, said he took on the role after being approached by the MY-I developer.

He then put together the commercialisation plan, the inaugural shareholder agreement, and sought to establish the board of directors.

The board now includes Daniels managing director Terry Stone and West Coast Eagles vice-captain Chris Judd, along with chairman Kevin Campbell, who has previously held the position of Channel 7 managing director and is now a board member of a number of private technology and communications companies.

Messrs Stone and Campbell also have an involvement with the West Coast Eagles, with Mr Campbell one of the founding advisers of the club while at Channel 7.

Mr Henning said that, while it was still early days for the company, the system was being used at 10 Western Australian companies, with five other firms due to implement the system this month.

He said while inventory management in the print industry was an initial market for the product, it could be used in any industry that had a requirement for stock control, storage and distribution.

Jewellery companies, optometry, cosmetic companies and mineral processing and auto component companies had expressed an interest in using the system, he said.

Existing clients of the system include Dale Alcock Homes, St John of God Health Care, Police & Nurses Credit Society, as well as a subsidiary of a national bank.


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