12/10/1999 - 22:00

Internet use expands but US rules

12/10/1999 - 22:00


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A number of research companies have released their latest statistics on Australian Internet access.

Internet use expands but US rules
A number of research companies have released their latest statistics on Australian Internet access.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics claims there are now 1.5 million households in Australia with Internet connections.

The bureau also claims 44 per cent of males and 37 per cent of women in Australia are connected.

This means 2.9 million men and 2.5 million women now have access to the web.

An ABS media release says, at the end of 1998, only 29 per cent of employing businesses were connected and only 6 per cent had representation on a web interface.

It says the proportion of businesses using

Internet technology for selling and purchasing goods and services was low with only 16 per cent of businesses with Internet access using the technology for placing orders and 10 per cent using it to receive sales orders.

While some Australian business are lagging behind in the run online, it seems that the general population is not, with Australian Internet spending expected to

hit the $10 billion mark by the year 2001.

However, much of this spending is predicted to be overseas – most notably the US.

Other Internet statistics came from Sydney-based www.consult, which is currently offering its Australian e-Tailing Report.

Information released for public viewing at the website includes details on Australian population percentages, giving a breakdown on geographical location, age brackets and gender.

According to its statistics, the Australian online gender breakdown is now 32 per cent female and 68 per cent male.

26 per cent of thirty-somethings use the Internet, with a quarter of twenty to twenty-nine year olds online and 21 per cent of people in their forties connected to the net. Around 10 per cent of Australian teenagers aged between fifteen and nineteen are also accessing the web.

The dispersal of Australian Internet use by State reflects similar demographics, with those states having heavily populated metropolitan areas also having higher numbers of Internet connections.

New South Wales retains the highest number of Internet users with 37 per cent, while Victoria has settled in at 22 per cent.

Queensland is next with 15 per cent while about 11 per cent of Western Australians are on the Internet. Only about 1 per cent of the Northern Territory population are estimated to use the net.

The growth of Australian Internet use and spending is explosive, according to www.consult’s Ian Webster.

However, without Australian businesses moving online, we can expect to see more and more of the Australian dollar being wired to the US.


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