23/11/1999 - 21:00

Internet shopping now insured

23/11/1999 - 21:00


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The Internet is revolutionising the means by which we consumeproducts.

Internet shopping now insured
The Internet is revolutionising the means by which we consume


This holiday season we don’t have to struggle to find a car park in the city during that heated shopping rush.

We don’t have to drag the kids through shopping malls or leave the dog in the car to dehydrate.

No, we can shop online, in the comfort of our homes or perhaps in an Internet cafe, sipping late.

Now there’s insurance for this shopping? Well I’ll be.

Safe Trade, underwritten by HIH Insurance, has launched Australia’s first comprehensive online shopping insurance and hopes to take it worldwide.

To assist in the online holiday shopping explosion, that in the US, market researchers have tipped will reach US$12.2 million, Safe Trade have added some peace of mind for those still hesitant about web shopping.

IMR International found that 90 per cent of online Australians were concerned about security issues when dealing with the net and cited this as a reason for not plugging credit card details into the web.

To alleviate the online shoppers’ concerns, eFlowers, Harvey Norman, Chaos Music, Travel.com and Dymocks have registered the help of Safe Trade services.

When a consumer purchases goods from any etailer signed with Safe Trade, an e-mail is sent to the consumer from Safe Trade with details of the transaction and warranty information.

If goods are not delivered or credit card details are used fraudulently, then the web shopper is covered for up to $2,000 and can use the e-mail to make a claim.

“By dealing with a Safe Trade site you will know your transaction is secure and, as a part of the process, the quality of the financial management and encryption has been properly investigated by the underwriter,” said Howard Davies chairman of the company.

Assuring product delivery standards and financial security on the web was seen as a massive missed market, claimed Davies.

Etailing sites offering this insurance will bear the Safe Trade blue and yellow tick logo. Happy shopping!


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