22/06/2004 - 22:00

Interior Award - Cox Howlett & Bailey Woodland

22/06/2004 - 22:00


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Interior Award - Cox Howlett & Bailey Woodland



Cox Howlett & Bailey Woodland for Husdon Gallery, 76 King Street Perth.


Cox Howlett and Bailey Woodland’s vision for Hudson Gallery in King Street was the creation of a contemporary and vibrant location for young, emerging artists to display their works, while at the same time providing a place where professionals could relax and enjoy an intimate bar environment.

The awards’ judging panel noted that, while this was a difficult goal to achieve, the integration of an art gallery with a bar had been “mastered” by the architects.

“Interior and exterior spaces are blurred by the successful integration of new elements into an existing space, which reinterprets and rejuvenates the existing spaces,” the judges said.

“The introduction of natural lighting via a translucent roof over the original lane enhances the volume of the space and lights the gallery entrance wall to create an inviting space.

“The open rear courtyard provides a breathing space and enhances the flow of air through the building while preserving some of the historical character of the building in the retained face brick.”

The judges concluded that, within a modest budget, the architects had succeeded in creating a functional, adaptable and visually interesting space that worked successfully as both a gallery and bar.


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