HEAVY LOAD: Successive state governments have failed on transport policy. Photo: Attila Csaszar

Industry peril in ignoring the plan

All growth comes with pain, but it’s especially acute when anticipated development is unnecessarily restricted.


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Mark I really think you are being a bit narrow minded here. None of us wants bloody big noisy, smelly, carcinogenic trucks running through our neighbourhood. Stop trying to blame particular groups and let's look at solutions such as industrial zones that we quarantine from urbanisation. The solutions being suggested in the Wattelup and Kwinana areas are a good start. And before you start harping on about the cost of the new harbour remember that it's has to be built one day anyway so get on with it and stop dragging WA into an economic dead zone.

Jennifer - a perfect segue to a direct follow on to this piece which we published today! ... nevertheless, if a road or any infrastructure is planned surely the solution is not go and live near it? And what if the perfectly sensible and planned solution - eg a port at Kwinana - keeps getting pushed out into the distant future? Is it still a solution?

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