Industry calls for local content reports

WA's steel industry has called for the Barnett government to release more details on how much local work has been created by Chevron's $43 billion Gorgon gas project and Fortescue Metals Group's iron ore operations in the Pilbara.


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perth wa
while feeling sorry for the local steel fabricators in Perth for their lack of work. why are they singleling out Chevron, when our own government has our warships built in Spain. is there no one in Australia capable anymore of building ships

Gerraldton WA
The federal goverment should set a good example to the state goverments and stop selling us out. It's becomming more and more apparent every day of the shifty unjustified actions of the federal goverment is promoting by sending our work overseas and cruicifying the fabrication shop's and skilled workforce around Australia. Its about time people realised just how seriouse the long term impact will be on our styandard of living. We all sat around whinging while the government slowly sold of all our utilities to make short term gains that we are now paying dearly for, and now they are doing the same with our jobs... What will the goverment sell next, the hard working (soon to be unskilled ) Ausie ?

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