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03/09/2008 - 22:00


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Wheat accreditation for the Grain Pool WESTERN Australian-based Grain Pool, the wheat-marketing arm of grain handler CBH Group, is among the first companies in Australia to be accredited to export wheat in bulk by Wheat Exports Australia. The accreditation will allow Grain Pool to export wheat to its flour mills in South-East Asia, and to other international customers. In the past two years, a partial deregulated system has allowed Grain Pool’s wheat marketing subsidiary, AgraCorp, to export more than 500,000 tonnes of wheat in containers and another 1 million tonnes under special bulk export permits issued by the federal government. “Grain Pool’s experience in international marketing, pool management and its unique grower focus means it is the best choice for growers in the new market,” Grain Pool general manager Brian Mumme said in a statement. The CBH Group holds a stake in four flour mills in Malaysia, one in Indonesia and a plant and grain terminal in Vietnam. The exporter accreditations mark the wheat industry’s transition from the single desk arrangement for bulk exports, controlled by AWB Ltd, to a deregulated market. The WEA has the responsibility of determining which companies can export wheat in bulk, as well as monitoring and enforcing the responsibilities of exporters. Other companies accredited to undertake bulk wheat exports include Cargill Australia, Goodman Fielder Consumer Foods, OzEpulse and Elders Toepfer Grain, a joint venture of German-based grain trader Toepfer Grain and Elders. Under the Wheat Export Marketing Act 2008, passed on June 23 2008, bulk wheat exporters must be accredited by WEA in order to export wheat from Australia


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