UNDERVALUED: Two recent deals suggest Kerry Stokes' Iron Ore Holdings stock is trading at a hefty discount.

How to make $500 million without really trying

Kerry Stokes probably doesn’t need an extra $500 million, but if anybody else wants to triple their money it might be time to join him on the share register of Iron Ore Holdings (IOH).

Stokes, a billionaire best known as the major shareholder in the Channel Seven television network and Westrac industrial equipment business, is also the 50.5% shareholder in IOH, one of many small iron ore explorers active in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

For some time, management at IOH has been saying that investors are substantially undervaluing the stock, a claim which has fallen on deaf ears because that’s what managers at small exploration companies always say.


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These calcs are incorrect, you have the numerator / denominator numbers the wrong way around. Ie the calc for the Hamersley deal is ~$0.52 ($32m / (106Mt @ 58.6%). The calc for the MIN deal is ~$1.35 ($42m / (54.8Mt @ 56.7%). Unfortunately this infers that Iron Valley is only worth ~$78.5m ($0.52 x 259.1Mt @ 58.3%). Based on the company’s numbers, IOH have ~463.2 Mt of contained Fe (including low grade ore) – at best the company is worth ~$240m using your RIO comp (lower grade ore not likely to fetch ~$0.50 / tonne).

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