14/11/2019 - 13:48

How good is your employee relations strategy?

14/11/2019 - 13:48


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How good is your employee relations strategy?

When resource projects get the green light everyone in the community directly or indirectly benefits.  Although the construction phase is short lived; the new resource projects generate huge benefits for business and the economy with a demand for increased services and well-paying jobs. 

I still get excited when resource projects get the green light but managing employees and contractors on resource construction projects is challenging for anyone at the best of times, even a qualified employee relations professional. In my experience, the best way to create a harmonious work environment is to implement an employee relations strategy (ERS). 

An effective ERS is built on four key pillars that promote a harmonious relationship with employees and stakeholders. 

  1. The how to manage employees and stakeholders there needs to be in place a formal Agreement;
  2. The what tools, processes and resources identified;
  3. The when interaction and engagement with stakeholders sorted; and
  4. The why related to monitoring, reporting and reviewing the ERS for the duration of the project.

Here is what a robust ERS will deliver for a project or a workplace.

  1. Productivity – strong employee relations creates a level of happiness within a work environment. When employees know what is expected from them, are fairly remunerated and praised with regular feedback, morale builds and so does employee motivation and desire to be productive.
  1. Employee loyalty – a work environment that is productive and pleasant provides a powerful incentive for employees to be loyal to their employer. Having such a workforce improves employee retention and the costs associated with recruitment and selection. In the long term a low employee turnover ensures that the business has access to a trained and skilled pool of employees.
  1. Conflict reduction – a work environment that is friendly and efficient is less likely to have employees engage in conflict. Less conflict results in the employees being able to concentrate on their job and their productivity. A happy workforce is a productive workforce. 

Employee relations can make or break a workplace. The success of a project depends heavily on the productivity and engagement of employees. When everyone is engaged, it infuses everything with purpose, energy and enthusiasm so right now if…when you are tendering for a parcel of work on a resource project, ask yourself; How good is our employee relations strategy?

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