Ben Wyatt says the state government's new budget repair program is fair. Photo: Attila Csaszar

Households, miners to pay an extra $334m

The state government has lifted an array of fees and charges as it seeks to address its budget woes, with iron ore exporters in the Pilbara and electricity consumers facing the largest increases.

The new charges on households will raise $238 million over four years and come in the form of higher electricity and water bills, along with bigger public transport costs, and increases to vehicle licensing fees and recreational fishing fees, starting July 1.

The basket of fees and charges represent a combined 7.7 per cent increase, a rise that the government said was unavoidable.


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Well, I have no spare cash, so these increases will have to be paid for out of my food and grocery budget. That will mean even less discretionary spending, which means even less money for small businesses and the general economy. This leads to less money for employment etc. It doesn't seem to be a good strategy to lift us out of the hole that we are in.

These charge increases on the electricity supply charge are a slap in the face for low-income earners (traditional Labor voters?), who by default minimise their power usage. Owners of PV systems have a real option now, given increased storage technologies and price reductions, to separate from the grid.

We can all have a moan, or we can accept that we either cut services or raise tax/fee revenue. Personally, I would rather have a staffed hospital or a policed suburb than a discount on what I have to pay the government. I can only hope that if, and when, the state's financial position has improved to the point of being sustainable, some tax/fee relief might be considered.

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11th-Pilbara Ports Authority$422.6m
12th↓Racing and Wagering Western Australia$408.8m
13th-Fremantle Ports$223.3m
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