16/01/2007 - 22:00

Horrocks subdivision plans

16/01/2007 - 22:00


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Situated halfway between Geraldton and Kalbarri, the sleepy coastal hollow of Horrocks is waking up to new development opportunities as demand for coastal land intensifies.

Horrocks subdivision plans

Situated halfway between Geraldton and Kalbarri, the sleepy coastal hollow of Horrocks is waking up to new development opportunities as demand for coastal land intensifies.

The village of 160 permanent residents is a popular destination for holiday makers and fishing enthusiasts.

But all this could change within the next five years, with plans to develop an 800-lot residential subdivision and a resort hotel overlooking the village, as well as a $1.5 million community centre on the foreshore.

Killara Cottages owner and long-time resident, Colin Reynolds, told WA Business News his family is planning to subdivide up to 1,300 hectares of land on the Horrocks escarpment, currently called Seaview Farm, into 800 tiered lots, which will have views along the coast to Geraldton and Port Gregory.

Although still working with consultants on a structure plan, Mr Reynolds revealed the lots would average 1,100 square metres in size and be situated close to a further 400 lots averaging 2,000sq m.

In addition, the family is considering building a resort hotel and possibly a caravan park on the land.

“The developers have been trying to buy our land for years but we’ve decided to do it ourselves. We’ve got 60 people on our books already who are interested in buying blocks,” Mr Reynolds said.

On the eastern side of the escarpment, the family holds a further 10ha, which it hopes can be re-zoned for industrial and commercial uses.

If all this activity is not enough for the five Reynolds brothers and a couple of other family members, they also own a 6ha land parcel at Little Bay, five kilometres north of Horrocks, which they consider an ideal location for an eco-tourism project.

Mr Reynolds said the structure plan for Seaview Farm would be presented to council shortly for comment, with a more detailed plan for the area expected to be revealed mid-year.

Meanwhile, the Shire of Northampton has revealed its own plans for Horrocks, in the form of a $1.5 million community centre complete with a hall, lounge, meeting and office areas, public bar and barbecue facilities.

Designed by INSITU Contemporary Designs and Greg Hood Designs, two concept drawings of the 1,400sq m centre are out for public comment until March 5.

Acting shire chief executive Anthony Collan said local residents had wanted a facility of this type for some years, and he expected the project to garner substantial public support.

“Horrocks has the potential to be a mini-Kalbarri. It’s been a sleepy hollow for so long but now it’s booming and definitely needs more public infrastructure,” Mr Collan said.

The shire has made no commitment to construct or fund the project, however it has indicated it may seek grant funding from the state government.

Also on the shire’s agenda is stage two of its Horrocks subdivision, where it plans to auction 14 lots by late March.

The sale follows a sell-out 23-lot first stage release four years ago, of which just four lots have since been developed and four development applications received.

Mr Collan said that, this time, council would be imposing a five-year moratorium on the lots, requiring buyers to build homes within the period or face a compulsory buy-back by council at original sale price.

Encouraging more permanent residents in Horrocks was the purpose of the tough new rules, he said, and all monies raised from the sale would be put back into the community.

The shire’s commitment to Horrocks and neighbouring Port Gregory was evident late with the construction of a 40km gravel road, called Whitecliffs Road, between Horrocks and Port Gregory at a cost to council of $1 million.

Mr Collan said it was hoped the new road would open up the coastline to more tourists and facilitate more residential development and investment in Port Gregory.


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