Woodside chief executive Peter Coleman says the decision was purely commercial, and not influenced by environmental issues.

High costs kill off James Price Point project

Woodside Petroleum has held out the hope of proceeding with an alternative gas project in the Kimberley after spiralling costs forced it to terminate plans for a gas processing plant at James Price Po


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The "No Gas Campaign" killed JPP dead with their histrionics. Embrace the suck, AMWU :)

The "Hippies" of Broome and also the people who do not live in Broome, we call "our Greenies" have helped destroy the future growth of Broome. All the business's of Broome have lost out of income. The town has no reason to grow and by that no more added income for the town which in turn could of paid for better facilities, venues, roads, parks etc for it's rate payers. All Broome will be a place for a tourist to go to if they can afford the air fare and plus the accommodation cost to stay in Broome. The trouble makers who break the law by chaining themself to machines, blocking roads and causing tax payer money being wasted on them by having to pay for airfares, accommodation for the Police to protect peoples/companies property at the Point. They should be given a 3 strike policy by the courts and have a prison sentence for repeated flouting of the law. The "Dole" office should cancel the payments on the un-employed protesters as they were certainly not actively seeking employment in Broome. Our fellow citizens also do not get the billion dollars plus in payments for their land. That money would of helped a lot of Aboriginals go forward in life with jobs, education, housing etc. Plus out of work people could of had a job to get them and their family back onto their feet again. Newspapers say the Gas project would of provided over eight thousand jobs. Those protesters who have jobs why don't you give it to one of the unemployed that has now missed out because of your actions. You swap places with them if you are so passionent about James Point. Hopefully your dole payment will provide you with some sort of lifestyle that you will be able to get accustom to. Good on you for helping to stop progress...........

Peter, unfortunately so many people these days - including people who see themselves as movers and shakers of society and business - have forgotten that an economy that restricts or stops development of resources, along with restricts or stops farming, is an economy that is dying or dead (as in the case of the EU, for example). It is an utter shame that those who protested JPP live in a world where they have absolutely no clue how badly they just disenfranchised the region, especially aboriginal peoples who live there. Instead, they live in a simplistic world where they are encouraged to ignore the fact that the things they take for granted are essential to growing a society and lifting it out of poverty. This is nothing new, though. I used to ride all over southwest WA when I lived there, and so many quaint little "heritage" towns have nothing more than a few cute antique shops to paper over the fact that once local resources development ended (in the case of the places I have in mind, it was logging), the local manufacturing industry died (e.g., wood mills) and the town died along with it. Without plentiful resources and affordable energy, manufacturing dies. Period. Of course, the Greens are just fine with this outcome, because they are more often than not comprised of people who are either well-off financially or those who are supported by the dole. See also, Tasmania lol...

Big loss to Broome, now the Greenies can crawl back into their caves and think how they can stuff up someone else lively hood.

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