22/06/2004 - 22:00

Heritage Council Conservation Award - Richard Longley

22/06/2004 - 22:00


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Heritage Council Conservation Award - Richard Longley



Richard Longley for redevelopment of Fremantle Barracks, Russel Street (also won Residential Award for alterations).


RICHARD Longley has resurrected the Fremantle Barracks (circa 1840) from damage by salt and fire, and a century of use as a tannery.

When the tannery was sold to a developer in 2000, residences were built around the barracks, which was left under tangles of steel, asbestos and factory rubble.

The restoration process was challenging and slow, but perhaps the greatest indication of the success of the redevelopment is that Mr Longley and his wife currently reside in one of the two dwellings created.

Mr Longley’s wife, Kateryna, said she knew they would be moving the day her husband came back from the site for the first time.

“He was so excited, and just had this vision. Once he gets something in his head there is no stopping him,” Mrs Longley said.

The original fabric of the building was restored, while a new glass, steel and masonry section was added, allowing for two residences rich in character and history.

Judges said principal conservation skills of patience, discovery and attention to detail were all clearly evident.

“The architect’s willingness to engage with the building fabric, conservation procedures and to incorporate an appropriate use has resulted in a quality project outcome,” they said.


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