14/06/2018 - 11:19

Helping people with no choices

14/06/2018 - 11:19


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Helping people with no choices

Imagine what you would do if you found yourself homeless, if you lost your job and couldn’t pay your bills, if you couldn’t provide a meal for yourself or your family, if you didn’t have a safe and secure place to live?

What you would do if you felt like you had no choices?

These situations are some that the nearly 40,000 Western Australians in need face each year, which Vinnies offers vital support to through emergency relief, providing a vital alternative to homelessness and poverty.

The Vinnies call centre receives 200 calls daily from individuals and families seeking support.  However Vinnies is not able to assist all people, and due to limited resources and an increase in demand, only half the number of people that call can receive help.

Vinnies is powered by more than 3,500 incredibly dedicated  members and volunteers, who all work hard to meet this demand for support with many specialist services including our nearly 50 retail shops, community groups, distribution centre, mental health and homelessness services, programs for young people and a migrant and refugee centre.  

One of the most unique and effective ways that Vinnies provides this support is through their home visitations.  This type of service is about being able to find the most appropriate response to people needs which can include emergency assistance in the form of food vouchers, help with utility bills, material aid and budget advice. 

The current cost of living is a major factor that contributes to many Western Australians experiencing hardship and homelessness and Vinnies is seeing how increasingly more difficult it is becoming for people and families to care for themselves in a tough economy and pay their weekly bills as costs rise in the colder months. 

At this time of year, the vital work that Vinnies does is essential at helping people find safety and security during winter. Support and donations received for the 2018 Winter Appeal can help vulnerable Western Australians financially, goods such as blankets and clothes, or donating time as a volunteer.

Choosing any of these ways of giving means that people facing hardship and those impossible choices will have their lives changed.

Donate to the 2018 Vinnies Winter Appeal www.vinnies.org.au or 13 18 12


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