30/09/2021 - 17:39

Helping WA Businesses Transform and Succeed

30/09/2021 - 17:39


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Zetta is in the business of transformation - in the digital world, that is. With a roster of leading corporate organisations which rely on its experience in the cloud and end user computing space, the company has impressive plans to grow its client list and contribute to a more secure IT infrastructure.

End user computing has come a long way since Zetta was founded 16 years ago. Back in 2004, it meant managing workstations in an office but over time, this role has changed significantly as workforces became mobile, businesses moved systems to the cloud and the threat of cyber-attacks became the norm rather than the exception. 

Ben Sneddon, General Manager of Zetta oversees the delivery of professional services and IT outsourcing engagements to the company's diverse range of clients.

"Our business is now focused on helping clients create a modern workplace, providing flexibility and mobility for employees and customers, and safeguarding the confidential data of a business," says Mr Sneddon

Headquartered in the heart of Perth's CBD, Zetta has made a virtue of delivering its specialist services to the local WA market, which may have had to seek assistance from overseas or interstate in the past. 

"Our highly skilled workforce is all based in Perth," says Mr Sneddon. "We don't leverage east coast resource pools like some of our competitors. In addition, we are big enough to be leaders in designing, implementing, and managing modern work and cyber security solutions based on Microsoft technologies in some of WA’s (and Australia’s) largest organisations, but nimble enough that we can respond rapidly to our client’s changing needs as we aren’t burdened by layers of bureaucracy."

This nimbleness has been put into play with particularly great effect during the recent ongoing pandemic situation. Staff across the country have been working from home, making the need for an effective and secure IT network more important than ever.

"With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is increased demand for staff to be able to work from anywhere, at any time and on any device," says Mr Sneddon

"This trend of consumerisation of IT services is becoming part of many organisations' employee value proposition and is an expectation of Generation Z employees as they enter the workforce."

Coupled with this new 'normal', the threat of cyber-attacks has become more prevalent, as ransomware criminal organisations target organisations who may be less well-protected outside the traditional office-based environment.

"There is an ever-increasing threat of human-operated ransomware attacks, which can result in disruption to critical business operations and disclosure of confidential company information," says Mr Sneddon.

"Zetta is able to support the new world of flexible working demanded by employees, and this flexibility has become a key business requirement."

Reflecting the company's strong WA focus, Zetta has a significant presence in the resources sector, including assisting resources companies with the convergence of information technology and operational technology.

"Our other target industries include tertiary education, utilities, state government, financial services and healthcare," says Mr Sneddon. "However, as our solutions are not industry specific, they will benefit any organisation seeking to enhance the IT experience provided to their staff, or to ensure they are protected from advanced persistent cyber security threats."

It's a fast-evolving world, operating on a theoretical, digital level, and Zetta is well-placed to grow its profile as companies face these new challenges to remain one step ahead of cyber threats. Developing a close relationship with clients allows Zetta to become an extension of the team in many cases, underlining the trust their clients place in their experience and skilled operators.

"We ensure we have a clear understanding of our client's needs, and then continuously re-evaluate this against the business benefits and changing circumstances throughout the project," says Mr Sneddon.

"Sometimes we need to have tough conversations but we do not shy away from those, we listen, we adapt to change, we make decisions quickly and keep our clients’ projects moving forward."



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