No-one can accuse Brendon Grylls of failing to stand up for his beliefs.

Grylls’ courage not enough

OPINION: There is no denying that Brendon Grylls has left his mark on Western Australian politics.


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West Perth
I've written it before and I'll write again, why did no political party call out the mining lobby on their blatant lies? An increase in the royalty as Brendon advocated would not cost jobs, the majors are already downsizing their workforces through automation, just look at their financial reports! And seriously, they would shelve investment? Name one other country that has proximity to market, a stable, democratic government and exisitng infrastructure to transport commodities at a reasonable price? Brendon might be a prat, but his platform was a visionary idea. They don't mine their ore, they mine ours.

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