Bradley Woods says inequity exists between regulated and unregulated accommodation.

Govt backs Airbnb inquiry

The state government has backed an inquiry into short-stay accommodation providers, just days after the Australian Hotels Association called for a tightening of regulation of the sector.


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What an incredible set of proposals from the hotel industry and what is even more incredible is that the government seems to be falling for it. This is akin to "if it is working really well then regulate the hell out of it until it doesn't". Bradley Woods is a very effective lobbyist and has obviously cast a spell on Rita Saffioti. To insist that homeowners take out insurance that is commensurate with a hotel insurance just because they let someone stay in their spare room occasionally is bordering on lunacy, and the proposal to make them pay fees just for the sake of paying fees is really just a clever way to put home owners off the whole thing. Where is the logic to stop home owners from renting out their house for less than 14 days? Stop it Bradley, your hotel members will just need to adjust to the market, not murder it.

The whole idea and one-sided proposal is absolutely undemocratic and adds unnecessary additional costs and taxes to a mortgaged home or small investment. What’s happening to freedom of ownership, the meaning of freehold title? We are all struggling to keep and maintain our homes, and the small income derived from some short-term rental helps along the way. Rita Saffioti needs to think about this very carefully; we are the people who pay the rates/taxes and vote. The freedom of short-term renting your home has been happening all over the world for as long as I can remember without government overregulation. Travellers with limited funds have been staying in pensions/private properties for decades; why should we change it in our country just to support a hotel industry that is all about the profits and mostly owned by foreign investors/public companies?

Support the Australian people, allow them to rent their property without overregulation.

The money made by Airbnb hosts stays in the local community. It benefits the small people like the homeowner, the local butcher, the local cafe, and supports a lot of small businesses. On top of that, hosts pay income tax on earnings. What happened to helping the locals rather than supporting overseas-owned big business where the profits are offshored and taxes minimised? High hotel prices are killing the tourist industry, not helping it. If it weren't for the likes of Airbnb, many of these tourists couldn't afford to stay here and would seek a different destination e.g. Bali. How does that help anyone? The hotel lobbyist have their head in the ground, don't understand Economics 101 and only have their vested interests in mind. It is hardly a level playing field.

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