Mark McGowan says the charter will guarantee positive outcomes for the Pilbara region.

Government signs charter with resources industry

The state government has signed an agreement with the mining industry to ensure social and economic benefits to the Pilbara community with a focus on pathways to employment.

The Pilbara Charter was signed by Premier Mark McGowan along with Chamber of Minerals and Energy of Western Australia chief executive Reg Howard-Smith and leaders at Western Australia’s largest resources companies.

The agreement, which was developed in unison with the CME and local mining companies, prioritises employment, education and training, in particular the development of pathways to job creation.


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Karratha, Pilbara
Connect, collaborate and co-promote, something the Business Centre Pilbara has advocated for years now. Having a 'collaboration charter' will hopefully add teeth and focus toward meaningful social and economic investment in the Pilbara. Adding more support to the development of a tourism sector would be a smart starting point. There is, after all, no other sector that provides the level of sustainable and inter-generational social and economic development than tourism ... and the Pilbara region is yet to realise that.

Los Angeles
This is the kind of thing governments should be doing for their citizens. The benefits of economic developments have too often not been available for the very people who have lived in the subject area, sometimes across multiple generations, and who would have thought that their lives would have been improved by employment, educational or vocational training due to the origin of the developmental opportunity. Good job, Australia.

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