Government opens cheque book for industry assistance

27/01/2017 - 13:28


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The state government has granted $415,000 to 20 local defence industry businesses on the same day it announced applications were open for a pool of $400,000 of innovation vouchers.

Drone businesses were among the winners. Photo: Attila Csaszar

The state government has granted $415,000 to 20 local defence industry businesses on the same day it announced applications were open for a pool of $400,000 of innovation vouchers.

For the full list of grant recipients, see below.

It was the second round of a grants program designed to help smaller companies compete for upcoming federal contracts.

The first round of the grants, which are made on a one-for-one basis, aided six businesses to win around $9 million of contracts, according to Commerce Minister Michael Mischin.

“The Australian government’s major investment in naval build programs offers WA businesses specialising in naval defence shipbuilding, cyber security and drone technology an opportunity to become part of a significant procurement supply chain,” Mr Mischin said.

He said the latest round was targeted at businesses planning cyber innovation initiatives or working with drone-related technology.

One such business, Cyber Technology, based in Balcatta, uses drone technology to detect defects in ships and submarines.

“Specifically, this second round of defence funding will go towards software and equipment purchase and upgrades, marketing and business plans, support for accreditation, testing and training,” Mr Mischin said.

“The additional investment will enable SMEs to engage with the market, undertake important planning and raise their profile, ultimately leading to defence contract opportunities.

“The Liberal National government is supporting WA businesses to secure defence industry work and is committed to further growing the industry and securing local jobs for decades to come.”

Meanwhile, the state government also announced applications were today open for its innovation vouchers program, through which it will dish out around $400,000.

Grants of up to $20,000 are available in the form of professional services vouchers.

It is part of a broader $20 million fund allocated to promote innovation.

Innovation Minister Bill Marmion said the program was intended to help businesses get ideas to market rapidly.

“The Innovation Vouchers Program has been expanded to include those companies that wish to undertake the required service in-house - it also provides an opportunity for companies to undertake much needed proof-of-market analysis,” Mr Marmion said.


Defence industry grant recipients:

ACT Australia and New Zealand Pty Ltd (City Beach) - $25,000 for hazard awareness training provision, online promotions and exhibition support

Allgo Engineering (Naval Base) - $10,553 for machinery upgrades

Aussie Fluid Power (AFP) Pty Ltd (North Coogee) - $25,000 for certification and equipment procurement

Blacktree Technology Pty Ltd (Kalamunda) - $18,863 to purchase testing equipment

Cyber Technology (WA) Pty Ltd (Sci.Aero) (Balcatta) - $25,000 to test a variety of digital equipment

Future Engineering (Welshpool) - $17,280 to prepare business development and marketing plans

Hoseco WA Pty Ltd (Midvale) - $25,000 to purchase a laser engraver

IKAD Engineering Pty Ltd (Henderson) - $25,000 to develop a strategic marketing plan and improve a CRM system.

International Maritime Consultants (IMC) Pty Ltd (Fremantle) - $9,005 to upgrade computer server infrastructure

K & L Ward Family Trust (Award Signs (WA) Pty Ltd (Bellevue) - $25,000 for strategic business development and marketing

Legeneering (Aust) Pty Ltd (Henderson) - $25,000 to purchase a supercomputer, hand laser scanner and laptop

Overflow Industrial (Bunbury) - $17,772 to purchase a thermal imaging camera, software, printers and mobile workshop

Pedco Engineering Pty Ltd (Welshpool) - $19,577 to purchase a project management system, upgrade existing operations management system and conduct a recertification audit

ScafWest Pty Ltd (Landsdale) - $25,000 to implement a marketing plan and purchase stretcher stairs

Secure Systems Limited (Balcatta) - $25,000 for high speed computer interface design and scope

UVS Pty Ltd (Bibra Lake) - $10,568 to purchase enterprise composite 3D printers

Watmarine Engineering Pty Ltd (Naval Base) - $25,000 for marketing, business planning, tender development support, HSE accreditation and OSH systems

Wiltrading STACE Defence Pty Ltd (Henderson) - $18,379 to purchase a pallet wrapping machine, work scheduling software and develop marketing and business plans

WOMA (Australia) Pty Ltd (Henderson) - $25,000 for website upgrades, enhancing CRM software; and to purchase new software, a lift and a laptop

Zipform Pty Ltd (Canning Vale) - $20,080 to analyse, assess and implement accreditation recommendations.


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