20/02/2007 - 22:00

Gary Hasler - Boutique Wealth Management Group Pty Ltd

20/02/2007 - 22:00


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Gary Hasler - Boutique Wealth Management Group Pty Ltd

Title: Managing director

Business: Strategic planning services

Total employees: 15

Reporting directly: 8



Gary Hasler’s most significant accomplishment has been the creation of  Boutique Wealth Management Group from scratch after leaving Home Building Society three years ago.

Through the creation of the Boutique Group, Mr Hasler has identified an opportunity with succession planning to generate scale, and has successfully built the business around this niche.

Career guides

• Even if it is a tough task or situation, there is always a way around it that is acceptable and fair to everyone.

• Always be prepared to give ground to resolve something important.

• Always move forward, not backwards – acknowledge what has happened, learn and move on.

• It is important to continue to strategise and work on the business rather than 100 per cent in the business.

• Believe in honesty, open communication and integrity in all your dealings.


Mr Hasler holds a diploma of financial planning from Deacon University in Melbourne; he was the 2004 Sealcorp national financial adviser of the year, and 2005, 2006 Sealcorp national dealer group of the year.

Mr Hasler has been president of North Fremantle Amateur Football Club for nine years. In recognition of his work, Mr Hasler was awarded life membership in 2004.

Top tips

“A really corny one but, ‘if it is to be…it’s up to me’ has had a huge significance for me, as from a very young age I have always known that if I wanted something then it was really up to me to make it happen.”


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