More flexible work arrangements suit those in industries of the new economy. Photo: Stockphoto

Future of work not without challenges

Technology meets cultural and social shifts in places like Hubud, where digital nomads gather in a new world of work.


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Thank you for mentioning Jugglr in this very interesting article. Our view is that economic and social friction prevents us to help and collaborate with one another as freely and seamlessly as we would like. Technology is an enabler and the key challenges, in our opinion, are: 1) being able to create and extract enough value from the market to make the new way of doing things better, many times over not just a marginal improvement 2) break the inertia and changing the habits of people by providing ways of reassuring that the new ways are better 3) returning the power to whom it belongs, the people who contribute to our society with their hard work, not the intermediaries that thrive on the inefficiencies of the status quo. Impossible is possible, just need to try, learn, innovate, repeat. more+better. Jugglr

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