17/07/2019 - 15:35

Freo commerce chamber slams media report

17/07/2019 - 15:35


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The Fremantle Chamber of Commerce has hit back at an article in The West Australian which cast doubt on Fremantle’s economic growth potential.

The Fremantle Markets had 56,000 visitors last weekend, according to Natasha Atkinson.

The Fremantle Chamber of Commerce has hit back at an article in The West Australian which cast doubt on Fremantle’s economic growth potential.

The article published today claimed Fremantle businesses were fed up with the Fremantle council ignoring the city's economic issues to focus on environmental matters.

In a statement, the chamber said that, unlike many urban centres in Australia, Fremantle was currently experiencing unprecedented investment and renewal, with the combined value of private and public investment in the pipeline totalling more than $1.3 billion.

“The Fremantle Chamber of Commerce is actively connecting, uniting and assisting in the growth of a successful and vibrant business community that builds on Fremantle’s unique advantage, its heritage and its maritime focus,” it said.

Fremantle Chamber of Commerce chief executive Danicia Quinlan said Fremantle, like most urban centres, was affected by the current wave of societal change in the way people gather, shop, dine, interact commercially and manage environmental challenges.

“There is always work to be done in making the Fremantle region a better place to do business and ensuring the voice of the business community is heard,” she said.

“Reporting on the views of one or two struggling businesses in isolation does not accurately reflect the position of the business community.”

Fremantle Markets chief executive officer Natasha Atkinson said the damage The West Australian was doing to Fremantle and its businesses far surpassed any perceived damage by council.

Fremantle Markets is running at full occupancy with over 56,000 visitors last weekend for the three-day period,” she said.

Yolk Property Group director Tao Bourton the company’s focused remained on Fremantle.

“Our projects generally achieve an equity internal rate between 15 per cent and 30 per cent and we don’t see this slowing,” he said.


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