14/12/2012 - 13:33

Football stadium bill hits $1.2 billion

14/12/2012 - 13:33


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The proposed site for the major new stadium at Burswood.

The state government is expecting patrons to get to its new multi-purpose stadium at Burswood on their own two feet or via bus or train - but not by car - under a public transport plan that takes the total project cost past $1.2 billion.

Premier Colin Barnett and Transport Minister Troy Buswell announced a $298 million bus-train-road-pedestrian plan for the stadium today, designed to whisk 50,000 people away from the stadium within an hour of the final siren.

The government said an additional $41.2 million had been set aside to allow for cost escalations.

The plan will comprise a six-platform train station, a staging area to accommodate up to 20 buses and a new pedestrian bridge across the Swan River.

According to modelling provided by the Public Transport Authority, 35,500 people are expected to depart the stadium by train, with 28,000 to use the new train platform, while 7,500 people will walk across Windan Bridge to East Perth station.

Another 14,300 people are expected to travel by bus – 8,100 from the stadium’s bus facility and 6,200 from a new CBD shuttle service terminating near Gloucester Park, providing access to the stadium via a new pedestrian bridge.

The proposal includes parking for just 1,000 cars.

“The pedestrian bridge will carry 14,300 people who will access bus services and car parks in East Perth, while the Windan Bridge will allow a further 1,100 to access car parks further north in East Perth,” Mr Buswell said.

“Following discussion with local residents, the government has accepted their point of view and moved the western end of the pedestrian bridge further south, closer to Gloucester Park.”

Including the transport plan, the entire cost announced by the state government to construct the stadium and associated infrastructure has passed $1.2 billion.

In September Mr Barnett said the stadium itself would cost $690 million to construct, while a surrounding sports precinct would cost $70.2 million.

That announcement included a $142.4 million fund to allow for cost escalations through to project completion in 2018.

At the time, Mr Barnett said the stadium came within the project’s original $700 million budget estimate in June 2011 dollars.

The government officially put out the call for builders for the stadium earlier this month.


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