Fly-in, fly-out fuelling violence: study

The mining sector's reliance on fly-in, fly-out workers is fuelling an epidemic of violence, a groundbreaking new study has shown.


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The points that Prof Carrington raises are very valid. Unfortunateley there is also much evidence of relationship breakdowns between couples where one of the partners is working a FIFO roster. The social carnage is horrific not only in the mining regions but in the metropolitain areas where the workers commute from. Surely there has been enough studies to back up these facts. It is time for the Governments of WA and Qld to take a bold step and lead the issue. A booming state with broken communities surely is too higher price to pay.

The Community of Broome has been fighting to save their community, their social fabric, their welling, their band, and their environment from the proposed largest LNG refineries in the world at James Price Point. The social, economic,Additional carnage, like violence against women, abuse of children, we already have the highest suicide and homelessness rates in Australia, our NGO's and basic medical services are ready over stretched and people worked to the bones. Just the talk of this gas has had enormous social, cultural, emotional, physical, spiritual and financial ramifications which is creating a lot of hurt, mistrust and division into a community that not so long ago was receiving National Harmony Awards. The Social Impact Studies have been released as part of the Strategic Assessment. It outlines their predicted impacts, then outlines the mitigating management plan for those impacts and then our community will be abandoned and expected to develop our own strategies that will manage these horrific sickening impacts that will befall our community: The majority of the people involved in compiling all the sections of the Strategy Assessment are compromised in their reporting and have shown total callous disregard to our communities and the health and well being of our environment. All of them have an invested interest (retaining their employment or securing contracts) in their reporting and their findings because they are either Government Departments’ employees or Woodside’s researchers. The Strategic Assessment Report cannot be objective where the writers are in fact the State Government – the proponent of taking land for the world’s largest LNG processing refineries in conjunction with Woodside the foundation operator. The communities on the Dampier Peninsula will be left to deal with the social, economic and environmental fallout, they will leave us holding their baby (so to speak), a baby we never asked for, a baby we never wanted.

You have only to look at the military (in particular the Navy) for similar behavioural patterns. Extreme conditions lead to inconsistent behaviours. I think it's just part of the job however, and unless you abandon FIFO, it is impossible to eliminate.

I agree with Rob - FIFO also leads to dislocation, broken families and violence in the Perth metro area and as he says 'a booming state with broken communities surely is too high a price to pay.'

Well done Professor Carrington, It is about time someone woke up to the fact that these fly in fly out workers are crippling our state. Since when did the mining companies think paying 18 - 25 year old unskilled single males $100k+ a year and give them two weeks off a month think it was going to end up any different. The sad thing is that the Cashed up Bogans (CUBs) are not only destroying the communities that they work in due to pure boredom and lack of entertainment. But the Ed Hardy wearing, sleaved tattooed losers are also bringing their rubbish haircuts, want to be UFC champion attitude and drug habits back to the city to "try and pick up chicks" in the few weekends that they are in town. This usually involves all day drinking sessions followed closely by all night drug binges and the odd fight if they can find one. I am all for the resources boom and the benefits it brings WA and Australia as a whole. But at what cost do we want to support this environment that Rio, BHP, Woodside and FMG are fostering?? It’s about time the HR divisions of these mining companies actually get an idea of who they are employing rather than paying any two bit recruiting agency 15% just too any freshly tattooed third year apprentice with a hammer and bad attitude.

After working as a flyin flyout slave for over 20 yrs in my honest opinion this system is past its use by date. It works very well in small very isolated camps, but never on big sites. Mix the sexes up, as has happened ,and every human being on this planet behaves as human beings do. Would have to agree with the findings. It never was any thing more than a way to get the show on the road, now the industry is well established all Goverments must put back and build the new towns.

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