27/03/2020 - 12:31

Flexible Workspaces

27/03/2020 - 12:31


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Flexible Workspaces

True to the long history and traditions of the company, the new workplace of this international oil and gas company was inspired in both the work style and design by their cultural origins.

MKDC had to incorporate a blend of open collaborative space, breakout space and formally arranged open plan workspaces.

Quiet rooms with direct line of sight to work areas and acoustic treatment to allow video and call conferencing without disruption to work areas were critical.

OPRA were able to coordinate the installation of a large and detailed joinery package in the breakout space sourced by the client with other Joinery elements allowing the project to maintain its strict delivery programme.

Curved glazing panels and curved studded walls, with a 10 week lead time, softened the overall aesthetic of the fit-out but strained an already challenging programme.

OPRA Projects were able to mitigate this and form the curved frame early and template the glass in order to meet the completion date.

With occupied floors above and below the works OPRA also had to work within strict parameters for noisy works and be available at all times for constant liaison with any affected tenants. OPRA also accommodated many client walk-throughs during the build.

The fit out was completed on time, achieving the full design intent to a delighted client.

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