11/11/2015 - 15:14

Finbar moves to keep its buyers

11/11/2015 - 15:14


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Finbar's Loyalty Club showroom in East Perth.

Apartment developer Finbar Group has created a new marketing tool to keep its customers – establishing a loyalty club to give its buyers discounts for sticking with the firm or referring friends and family.

The Finbar Loyalty Club offer gives customers a 1 per cent discount when purchasing a second Finbar apartment, as well as a 1 per cent referral fee if they attract a new buyer.

Anyone that buys a second Finbar apartment is granted membership to the club and is entitled to the benefits, which also include discounts at retailers including Harvey Norman, Bang & Olufsen, iiNet, and Furniture Fitouts, among others.

Finbar has established a $600,000 showroom at its corporate headquarters in East Perth for loyalty club members.

Finbar Loyalty Club executive manager Samara Norris said the scheme was a win-win for the company and its customers.

She said up to 8 per cent of Finbar’s apartment sales had been to buyers that already own at least one Finbar-developed property.

“Based on the information we have on previous buyer trends, we think we should be able to increase the percentage of repeat buyers of new Finbar properties with a more concerted marketing effort focusing on our new rebate and referral fees,” Ms Norris said.

Finbar managing director Darren Pateman said the benefits program would also soon be offered to company shareholders


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