The Guild is the UWA student representative body.

Financial probe for student union

The University of Western Australia Student Guild has dismissed a staff member over financial irregularities after bringing in forensic accountants from BDO to undertake a special analysis of its 2013 accounts.

Sources close to the student union claim BDO identified between $800,000 and $900,000 in financial irregularities, but the student union has not revealed the scale of the problem.

Business News understands that, in May, the guild’s council voted to engage a forensic accountant to examine the accounts before they were to be submitted to UWA’s senate.


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Matt Mckenzie, the author of this article, was a recently president of the UWA Student Guild. It's pretty likely that the person who was fired was once his employee. I believe that publishing this article without disclosing that Matt was Guild President was unethical.

Thanks Tiffany. Matt asked if he ought to disclose this prior to publication and I made the decision that I didn't feel it was relevant. He held political office at the guild and this is not a political story. He is a full-time journalist and no longer has direct interest in the guild or its operations.

Mark, You didn't feel it was relevant disclosing that Matt was 2012 Guild President when publishing this story the week before UWA student's elect their 2015 guild representatives? And the group he ran with in 2011 is now in opposition to the group currently in power and is using this as against them? You must be kidding yourself if you think this story isn't politically motivated.

I'm also going to throw my hat into the ring here. This is obviously a story with a political intent behind it. Members of the party the author ran with are now using this article as reasoning that their opponents (also the current controlling party) are somehow corrupt. It's completely immoral and unethical to publish this story without making his association known.

I don't consider it unethical at all and nor do I give any merit to the connection between the one term guild president and the alleged thief. The real question is how was the Managing Director of the guild not aware of such a large discrepancy because he,the Managing Director, was at the helm through the whole cycle and still remains!

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