Josh Frydenberg (fourth left) at a recent cabinet meeting in Perth. Photo: Attila Csaszar

Feds back unconventional drilling

Resources Minister Josh Frydenberg said the federal government would be pushing states to remove moratoriums on unconventional gas extraction, including fracking, he told the LNG 18 conference today.


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Over our dead bodies.

As a resources minister frydenberg is definitely doing his job of trying to encourage investment however he has forgotten what his actual job is. Our politicians are elected by the people to represent the peoples best interests. Clearly, by the massive nation wide push back on this issue, unconventional gas is not in the peoples best interest. I feel it is more likely he is working only for big gas and coal companies who perhaps have persuaded $$$$ him this is the only option. Perhaps it is as simple as the fact this government has a revenue issue and has no plan for tackling the fact that our economy can no longer rely on mining alone. It's time this government gets its head out of the mines and comes up with some 'inovative' ideas to take our economy forward.

I don't think he's motivated by cash or a lack of revenue - it's more than likely the fact that despite years of scientific research into unconventional drilling, including a four year study by the US Environmental Protection Agency, there's never been any evidence that it is harmful or should be stopped. A million wells have been fracked in the US and there's been very minimal environmental damage from that. In fact, damage has been done by ecoterrorists intentionally sabotaging equipment. It's good to get educated on this topic. Australia shouldn't miss out on higher living standards for those in need because of fear campaigns :(

I would be interested in reading about these "ecoterrorists" (or rather, what they were specifically charged with). Is there evidence you can share to support your claim? As well as the four year study? Many thanks

Camira 4303
We dont need the gas, we need the natural resources and unpolluted ground water that services all of us and our future food supply. Why are we doing this learn from overseas. Future wars will be over food, but we want need to worry we wont have any as we destroy our farmers resource. Stop fracking our farmers and our future. Lnp dont care about our farmers we all should as how do we feed our country in the future.

How many farmers are there in the Canning Basin exactly? Water pollution? It doesn't work that way. These reservoirs are 4 kilometers underground in shale formations. There's no more risk of water pollution than in any other oil and gas drilling operation. you're right about one thing though - we should learn from overseas. Like the United States, where one million wells have been drilled and the EPA has approved fracking as safe.

The system is well and truly broken when corporations and banks take priority in the minds of our elected representatives. This is especially true when industries such as fracking poison water supplies. Get rid of this industry and anyone who supports it. We do not want wars over water and we will not have them if we protect our aquifers. Water is gold. Don't let these temporary, ignorant politicians destroy our water because of self interested decisions (and backhanders) they are willing to make on our behalf. We don't want fracking. We want water. We can't have both; they are mutually exclusive.

The good news is this: you can have both. :)

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