12/09/2017 - 08:53


12/09/2017 - 08:53


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Leading-edge data and information security services are needed at a time when cyber threats are ever-present, and growing. 

And in a state where critical infrastructure underpins the fabric of our society and our local economy, strong barriers against cyber attacks are vital.

More broadly, you can see the consequences of what can happen when you look at the two critical global cyber-attacks which occurred this year: WannaCry ransomware — which encrypted the data of some 230,000 computers in more than 150 countries and crippled hospitals in England and Scotland; and NotPetya — which took down computer systems around the world, hitting major global organisations including some based in Australia.

According to a report sponsored by NEC last year —Securing the digital city: Cyber-threats and responses is an Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) —threats are both constant and constantly evolving and “the key to successful mitigation is the development of a proactive strategy of monitoring and detection”.

NEC’s cyber security framework is a proactive strategy focusing on Prevention, Detection and Response to ensure that our customers are protected against attacks and breaches utilising the latest technology, 24x7.

We are also focused on people, process and technology to ensure that our customers effectively manage their exposure to cyber-attacks.

Cyber threats are serving as a catalyst for innovation and we are using that innovation to help governments across Australia to integrate cyber-security-centric processes into their operational strategies.

Our know-how in the arena of cyber security in this country is second-to-none, following the establishment of a $4.38 million Global Security Intel Centre (GSIC) in Adelaide where our cyber security solutions are developed in Australia for Australian Governments.

The GSIC facility ensures that Australian governments have the best available capacity to respond to this growing, global issue.

Security is a cornerstone of the new cloud-based storage solution being delivered in WA as part of the GovNext-ICT project, ensuring that the needs and expectations of government entities within the state are fully serviced. With departments and agencies across health, finance and education, secure storage and networks are vital to protect these entities and the personal data of West Australians that is maintained.

As part of the GovNext-ICT project, NEC is focusing on major changes to data storage, which in itself has information security at its core. The project involves the roll out of a whole of government data and communications network; the consolidation of 60-plus government data centres and  migration of government entities to public and private cloud services.

NEC, partnering with ICT businesses in Perth, is supporting the WA Government in its commitment to broaden its data sharing across government, further benefitting West Australians. The result will deliver networks that are agile — able to support the increasing number of mobile and data-reliant devices statewide.

This is vital, at a time when the government is keen to see data sharing broadened across the public sector in order to provide better service delivery outcomes for West Australians.

In recognising that the more potential points of entry to a network, and the more sources of valuable data, then the higher the potential cyber risk, NEC will work with the WA government to ensure the delivery of innovative security and risk mitigation solutions: vital to supporting the data needs of the state.

Delivering a whole of government approach to cyber security, we will help sustain strong security defences that can protect all of the government’s public services delivery.

We plan to build not just a cutting-edge ICT solution, but a safe and secure environment for WA communities – in what will be a landmark project nationwide, at a time when governments globally are looking for the answers that are being delivered here in the West.


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