ATTITUDE: Make sure applicants will be the right cultural fit for your business. Photo: iStockphoto/IS_ImageSource

Ensure your business sets hire targets

Staff recruitment can make or break a business. Done the wrong way, it can become a costly exercise that can have a negative effect on staff morale.

Research suggests that 49 per cent of new hires fail within the first 18 months, and 89 per cent of those are because of problems with attitude.


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The views expressed by Mike Irving in this article do not reflect the professional behaviour of legitimate recruitment companies and their staff. The industry’s peak body, Recruitment & Consulting Services Association (RCSA), has in place a Code for Professional Conduct which is mandatory for members. The Code is clear in its requirement for all members of the association to abide by the Code and in particular Principle 2, Honest Representation which provides a number of requirements of members in regards to their conduct and practice in representing and dealing with a client and the candidate. Mike’s views unfortunately characterise recruitment professionals and the recruitment industry as failing to meet its own standards. This is not the case, and if an RCSA member is responsible for poor conduct the association is very keen to hear about it. The statement that ‘Many recruitment professionals have a vested interest – high fees and the creation of a database of people they can contact for other jobs that come across their desk, which means your latest hire is likely to be poached down the track’ also overlooks the fact that frequently candidates contact a recruitment professional in the search for their next position. That recruitment professional will frequently have placed the candidate in their last position. RCSA members abide by the Code for Professional Practice, they strive to maintain professional standards and ethics in their dealings with client and candidates alike. If a candidate or an employer is uncertain about the practices of their recruiter they should ask if they a member of the RCSA, if so they may contact the RCSA. Further information about the Code for Professional Conduct is available from the RCSA website at The RCSA requests Business News provide the opportunity for a response in the next edition about the practices and outcomes employers and candidates should expect from legitimate recruitment companies.

Perth, WA
Hi George. I agree with your statement. The views in this article do not reflect the professional behaviour of legitimate recruitment companies and their staff. Unfortunately, not all recruitment companies are professional, nor legitimate, and certainly not all recruitment companies are members of RCSA. I wish what I have written above was not true, and I'd say you do too. I wish this side of the recruitment industry did not exist. Unfortunately it does, and I choose to ensure that the business community is aware of this. There are many excellent recruitment agencies that operate with a very high degree of integrity. However, to deny that this happens is the equivalent of sticking your head in the sand.

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