08/06/2022 - 15:08

Engentus TopTorque reduces injury risk

08/06/2022 - 15:08


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Engentus TopTorque reduces injury risk

Creating safe workplaces is a top priority for all businesses, and industrial fastener and retainer specialists Engentus says its digitally controlled TopTorque system can reduce the risk of serious injury in sectors where power torque wrenches are commonly used.   

Engentus director of product support, Tom Baskovich, says reducing injury risk is even more important now, since new Western Australian workplace laws (WA WHS Act 2020) were enacted in March 2022.  

He says the new legislation provides the perfect opportunity for organisations to undertake comprehensive audits of WHS and identify areas to mitigate risk and avoid negative financial and workplace impacts.  

The Engentus TopTorque system replaces traditional powered torque wrenches commonly used to install and remove nuts on industrial, mining and construction equipment.  These rely on the use of a reaction arm that creates a hand-crush hazard. Hand injuries are one of the most common industrial injuries and can have severe consequences for the injured worker.

Mr Baskovich explains the TopTorque system does without a reaction arm and instead provides a digitally controlled bolting system using two co-axial counter rotating sockets that capture and constrain all the bolting forces; thereby eliminating hand-crush hazards and does not create force back to the user or the surrounding structure.

TopTorque uses a modified bolt which has a ‘reaction tip’ at one end that engages with the inner socket whilst the outer socket engages with either a hex nut or a Segnut (depending on the specific application).  The system is intuitive to use and has been developed to work in conjunction with industry leading powered torque multipliers from NorbarTM

“This internalises the reaction required to apply accurate torque to the fastener combination. TopTorque is not just a tool; it’s a system that delivers a quantum leap in efficiency and safety,” Mr Baskovich says.

“It makes it a 100 percent safer alternative.

“TopTorque provides accurate, reliable installation of threaded fasteners using commercial off-the-shelf power torque wrenches, while removing the hazards created by reaction arms.

“It eliminates pinch/crush hazards, vibrations from powered torque wrenches and is easier and quicker to set up for particular tasks.

“In addition, it is lightweight and can be held with one hand, unlike traditional powered torque wrenches which often require two hands during bolting.

“Anyone can use the TopTorque, regardless of strength or size. For this reason, for the first time ever anyone, male or female, young or old, can install and remove threaded fasteners and nuts.

“This is the part of the product that reflects our ESG value of social governance, through inclusivity and diversity in users.” 

The new Western Australian workplace legislation is the first time WHS has undergone significant changes in 30 years and brings WA into line with other states.

Mr Baskovich says it’s intended to improve the protection of workers by factoring in modern employment agreements, higher penalties for companies and individuals, and introducing to WA laws for the first time, the term ‘person conducting a business or undertaking’ (PCBU).

PCBU includes an employee, corporation, association, partnership, sole trader, or governance department and they must ensure the health and safety of their employees and any additional people in the workplace including visitors, contractors and volunteers.

In addition, penalties have increased for industrial manslaughter and company officers need to be aware that they as individuals can be prosecuted even if the company is not convicted.


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