EdenCrete approved for import into Australia

13/01/2021 - 13:00


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The approval of carbon nanotubes used in Perth-based Eden Innovations' concrete additive product EdenCrete now allows its distribution in Australia by Dulux Group.

EdenCrete used by the Department of Transportation in Georgia, USA. Photo: EdenCrete

Perth-based Eden Innovations has announced the approval of a chemical used in its concrete additive product line EdenCrete which now allows its sale and distribution in Australia by Dulux Group.

According to the Eden Innovations website, EdenCrete is a carbon nanotube enriched liquid admixture for concrete that enhances a range of performance characteristics and extending the concrete lifespan.

Eden Innovations develops a range of products dedicated to clean technology solutions.

The assessment request for the carbon nanotubes was submitted towards the end of 2019 by Australia and New Zealand EdenCrete distributor Parchem.

The nanotubes underwent both a Human Health Risk Assessment and an Environmental Risk Assessment under the Australian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme. Approval for the importation of EdenCrete for sale and use was approved by the Australian Department of Health.

The nanotubes were not considered to pose an unreasonable risk to either workers, public health or the environment as long as Eden’s standard recommended procedures are followed.

Eden Innovations Executive Chairman Gregory Solomon said he was pleased with the approval and is optimistic for the rollout of the product line.

“[The approval] is obviously an essential to opening marketing up in Australia, and we’re very pleased to have it,” said Mr Solomon.

“We’re looking forward to a significant roll out over the next year or so.”

The first significant Australian order for EdenCrete products was made by Dulux Group subsidiary Parchem Construction Supplies in July 2020 and was supplied from Eden’s plant in Colorado. Prior to the approval of the carbon nanotubes, imports of EdenCrete were permitted only in small quantities under a controlled-use permit.

Parchem also manufactures a number of products servicing the concrete and construction markets and was acquired by Dulux Group in 2012. Following an acquisition by Nippon Paint Holdings in 2019, Dulux is no longer listed on the ASX.

Shares in Eden Innovations were up 3.45 per cent at 2:29pm AEST, to trade at 3 cents.

Eden Innovations has also sold in the American, Indian and Israeli market, with testing ongoing in a number of territories.


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