EPA chair Paul Vogel

EPA takes ‘bigger picture’ approach

Paul Vogel has used his last Environmental Protection Authority annual report to highlight concerns about growing traffic congestion and vehicle emissions, as well as support plans that promote greater uptake of cycling and public transport.


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Has any one looked at the Adblue market and that the diesel engines that have SCR use a product called Adblue, this is compulsory in Europe and USA on all diesels above 1.7 litre. In Australia all new trucks have this system as does the new earth moving equipment and some ships. If Australia was to follow Europe it would speed up the process and benefit from the reduced emissions in NOX which seems to ignored by all the environmental talks in the press. Goblue manufacture this product under licence from VDA in Germany and have plants in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. If the vehicle using this runs out of the liquid(it has a separate tank with a blue filler cap) the engine reduces power and will not allow a restart once turned off. Benefits for the engine is no gases recirculated that caused the engine to run hotter and burn more fuel , so saves money on fuel runs cooler lasting longer. Some of the cars like Mercedes and Mazda already have this as do some of Perth buses just look for the two filler caps on the right hand side on the bus and understand the liquid does not go into the engine but the exhaust pipe muffler to create a chemical reaction and produce hydrogen and water, almost breathable. Be careful when you buy their product as some manufacturers do not use the correct procedure or have the licence that is genuine. If you do not use the correct product it could be costly in repairs.

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