09/04/2020 - 16:05

Digital transformation creates competitive advantage

09/04/2020 - 16:05


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GAINING a better understanding of its field operations using cloud-based technologies has been key to Sodexo’s recent success.

Velrada and Microsoft worked with Sodexo to develop an integrated facilities management platform to drive more efficiencies across the multiple services it delivers to its mining sector clients, such as building maintenance, property management, bus fleet and aerodrome operations. 

In the Pilbara, Sodexo manages the accommodation camps used to house FIFO workers. 

For one Mining client alone Sodexo’s bus fleet transfers for more than 6,000 workers to and from mine sites every day, with more than 4,000 passengers and 14 tonnes of baggage to the company’s aerodromes each week. 

The platform’s MyWay mobile app is bringing Australia’s more than 100-year-old oil and gas industry into the modern era while enhancing the wellbeing of FIFO workers and helping clients ensure a safer, more motivating environment. 

The app responds to the client’s needs by increasing visibility, facilitating dialogue with residents and generating valuable data on their level of satisfaction. This, in turn, helps pinpoint opportunities to improve quality and services 

“MyWay provides users a heightened ‘home away from home’ experience, allowing them to connect both socially and mentally, no matter where they are,” Darren Hedley, Sodexo CEO of Energy & Resources Asia-Pacific. 

While the main focus of the app is to increase wellbeing, other important functions include safety and reporting systems. With the app, users can instantly report hazard or safety issues and upload photos. Frontline managers can use the app to send safety alerts or communicate other critical safety messages to residents. 

Following its launch in 2019, the integrated facilities management platform has been extended to Sodexo’s clients in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, with 5,000 monthly users through the Microsoft platform.


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