BUILDING UP: Finbar’s Darren Pateman is confident Perth’s apartment building boom still has legs. Photo: Attila Csaszar

Developers deny apartment oversupply - SPECIAL REPORT

Perth’s apartment developers are hitting overdrive, but how much is too much for this capital intensive sector?

It is the debate that has polarised Perth’s property sector throughout 2014.


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Finbar Group (FRI)

Share Price

Closing price for the last 90 trading days
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BN30 Index

Index = 100 as of 4 Jan 2016
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Total Shareholder Return as at 29/09/17

For more stories on Apartment Developers see the Special Report, which discusses the oversupply debate of apartments in Perth's inner city, the government's proposed changes to strata titles, and the next wave of demand for apartment projects.

1 year TSR5 year TSR
322ndSwick Mining Services6%3%
393rdFinbar Group-3%3%
719 WA (and selected non WA) listed companies ranked by 1 year TSR relative to other companies with similar revenue
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Share Transactions

$203k Issued
$40k Bought
$43k Bought
Total value as at the date of the transaction
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39th↑Swick Mining Services$130.0m
41st↑Finbar Group$125.8m
43rd↓Diploma Group$90.5m
232 listed industrial companies ranked by revenue.
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Remuneration from Finbar Group

90thDarren Pateman$876k
120thJohn Chan$751k
336thRonald Chan$416k
Ranked by total remuneration from all listed WA companies

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