29/04/2022 - 12:28

Details outline $25m hospice plan

29/04/2022 - 12:28


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Plans for the state's first children's hospice show a two-storey facility with a basement as public comment for the $25.5 million proposal starts today.

Details outline $25m hospice plan
Public comment has opened for the $25.5m proposal for a two-storey children's hospice. Picture: Hassell.

Plans for the state's first children's hospice show a two-storey facility with a basement as public comment for the $25.5 million proposal starts today.

The Perth Children's Hospital Foundation has lodged the application through the state goverment's State Development Assessment Unit pathway, to be considered by the WA Planning Commission.

The Swanbourne-based development proposes a children's hospital with seven patient rooms, three family suites, family and play areas, a quiet room, clinical areas, hydrotheraphy and allied health spaces, staff work stations and meeting rooms.

A development application was prepared by CLE Town Planning + Design with architecture concepts by Hassell.

"The building expresses two levels above ground with a basement level allowing for car parking, services and storage areas to be discreetly located from view with minimal impact on the living programme," the application said.

"The elevation of the ground floor level above the ground-plane to the west provides a measure of visual privacy and security without the need for perimeter fencing and establishes an elevated platform that connects with the ocean vista.

"The building plan has been zoned to allow for all key areas to be focused outward into the landscape with communal spaces primarily oriented towards the ocean view.

"Administrative program has been raised to the first floor and services lowered into the basement to allow for a communal and connected ground floor that facilitates an inclusive and restorative environment, shifting focus away from clinical process and onto the child, family and community."

The application said the facility had been designed to look "homely" and set in a garden to provide a transition into the surrounding bushland.

"Central courtyard spaces enliven the heart of the development providing contemplative spaces with connection to sky, natural light, natural ventilation and landscape," it said.

"Inspiration for the function and nature of the facility has been drawn in particular from similar children's hospices in the eastern States, including Bear Cottage (NSW), Very Special Kids (Victoria) and Hummingbird House (Queensland)."

Progress for the children's hospice project gained traction after premier Mark McGowan announced last year that the state government had transferred ownership of the 5,000 square-metres of Crown land to the Child and Adolescent Health Service.

The land is within Allen Park on Odern Crescent and was formerly the Swanbourne Bowling Club site.

Previous sites considered included the former Tawarri Reception Centre, which is the subject site of a $25 million day spa and wellness centre proposal, the Sunset Hospital site in Dalkeith and former McCall Centre in Cottesloe.

The public comment period ends on May 27.


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