16/11/2021 - 12:33

Delivering the dream

16/11/2021 - 12:33


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Delivering the dream

Milos Stojsavljevic, managing director of Buildwell Group (BWG), has created something of a unicorn in the design + construct service landscape. Attracting respected professionals who are all individually team leaders in health, aged care, venue and corporate interior design, BWG has carved out a highly respected spot where longstanding trade relationships are just part of the secret of their success.

“Every team member has a life-long career and passion for the industry,” says Mr Stojsavljevic.

“There is a combined and balanced skillset of industrial design, interior architecture, construction, project management and material specification – as well as essential business management. But inside each of these major roles are people with excellence in communication and detailed documentation skill.These qualities enable the technical skills to shine.”

It’s this rare combination of qualities which has propelled BWG to become a sought after, complete solution, for the commercial property and interior design industry. Leading from the front for the past 27 years, Mr Stojsavljevic evolved BWG from an interior design focus to construction management too, personally overseeing heritage projects, such as PICAbar at the Perth Cultural Precinct, as well as multiple projects in health, education and community facilities. Clients quickly caught onto the fact that BWG was different from the rest and as such, the Group has retained relationships with many clients multiple times over the years.

Perhaps the best way to think of BWG is, says Mr Stojsavljevic, as ‘the Swiss Army Knife of design + construct’.

“It’s a great metaphor!” he says. “We can utilise all or any combination of our skillsets to create the desired outcome for the client. Our team members each have their special skills but it’s not just about that. It’s also about the application of those skills, and how they enhance the technical design and construction during each project.”

Happy to work on projects from inception to delivery, or to assist during any part of a fitout’s ‘life’ – as in the case of the new Business News HQ redesign with MKDC directing the project – the team goes well beyond just being handed a set of plans.

“We get creative and seek solutions to over-deliver,” says Mr Stojsavljevic. 

During the Business News fitout, it was the first time BWG had worked with MKDC, and creating a new intuitive relationship based on trust was the first challenge.

“Many design-only businesses are hesitant to work with a design + construct service for fear of losing the client,” said Mr Stojsavljevic. “Our reputation is a result of the value we place on building trusted relationships. Once that was achieved, we had to be resourceful and mindful of the design intention, only offering what was supported by the designer and client expectation.”

It’s safe to say that the client in this case – Business News – was extremely happy with the resulting design and fitout. Elton Swarts and the leadership team at Business News were particularly impressed at the ‘magical’ way the pair of companies worked together to deliver the complex redesign on time and under budget.

Perhaps another way BWG is able to differentiate itself is its focus on putting the human element at the heart of their blueprints.

“We absolutely start with the people in each space and their interactions,” says Mr Stojsavljevic. “We look for how the design, the workflow, zones and materials can all support our client’s staff and their customers.”

Sometimes this can take a little shift of scale; for instance, BWG is in delivery mode for return client Kids on Beaufort, a childcare facility which meant they had to design and build with toddlers in mind. This project – like all those tackled by BWG – begins with a dream or a vision, something Mr Stojsavljevic calls the ‘Discovery Phase’.

“Our clients come to us through recommendations so we ensure that we know first what it is that they think we can deliver – then we try and exceed that.”

Creativity and clear communication is at the core of this and future phases of the project, and the team gets together regularly to workshop projects and collaborate on problem solving where necessary.

“When it all comes together for handover, we provide a really calm directive for our clients,” says Mr Stojsavljevic. “They have put their trust in us and we have a respect for them, which filters down into our trades.”

With major projects in the pipeline including a design + construct for an iconic Perth waterfront locale.

“It is understanding that the space we hand over enables our client to succeed in their vision or dream,” says Mr Stojsavljevic. “We all have a hand in delivering this new space within the timeframe, on budget and exceeding client expectations.”


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