02/04/2008 - 22:00

Delegates hope to bring 20/20 vision

02/04/2008 - 22:00


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Western Australia’s resources boom may be the powerhouse of the national economy, but that is not reflected in the participants in the federal government’s Australia 2020 Summit.

Delegates hope to bring 20/20 vision

Western Australia’s resources boom may be the powerhouse of the national economy, but that is not reflected in the participants in the federal government’s Australia 2020 Summit.

The 1,000 participants include 67 Western Australians.

Most of the delegates from WA will participate in four of the 10 discussion forums: indigenous development, rural development, Australian governance, and national security.

High-profile WA participants include business executive Michael Chaney, who is actually listed as a Victorian delegate – presumably while wearing his National Australia Bank chairman’s hat.

Perth’s Forrest family appears to have achieved a husband-and-wife first; mining entrepreneur Andrew Forrest and his wife, Nicola Forrest, who is involved in philanthropic work in Aboriginal communities, will both participate.

WA participants in the economic forum include Chamber of Commerce and Industry executive and endorsed Liberal Party candidate Deidre Willmott, BHP Billiton vice-president technology Megan Clark, Edith Cowan University finance lecturer Marilyn Clark-Murphy, and Curtin University gender researcher Susan Harwood.

Woodside executive and State Training Council chairman Keith Spence, and recently appointed Alcoa Australia boss Alan Cransberg will participate in the productivity forum, which will focus on education, skills, training, science and innovation.

Curtin University vice-chancellor Jeanette Hacket, Challenger Tafe executive Liz Harris, and Marilynne Paspaley, whose company is a major pearl producer, will also participate in the productivity forum.

The Australia 2020 Summit will be held on April 19 and 20, and is designed to “harness the best ideas across the nation, in a forum for free and open public discussion”.

Australia 2020 Summit - WA participants as listed on www.australia2020.gov.au

A long-term national health strategy

Dr Vasantha Preetham

Associate Professor Ted Wilkes

Dr Fiona Wood

Australia’s future security and prosperity in a rapidly changing region and world

Dr Susan Jennifer Delyse Boyd

Mr Gregory Copley

Dr Jane Patricia Cunneen

Mr John Gibson

Professor David Hill

Dr Gary Gordon Sigley

Ms Robyn Slarke

Associate Professor Samina Yasmeen

Future directions for the Australian economy

Ms Megan Clark

Dr Marilyn Clark-Murphy

Ms Elena Joy Douglas

Mr Andrew Forrest

Dr Susan Harwood

Ms Deidre Wilmot

Future directions for rural industries and rural communities

Mrs Susan G Bradley J P

Mr Everald Ernest Compton

Mr George Etrelezis

Dr James Paul Fitzpatrick

Mr John Laurence Gosper

Professor Fiona McKenzie

Mr Paul Lane

Mrs Karen Diane Morrissey

Mrs Mary Elizabeth Nenke

Mrs Jacqueline Stutt

Dr Susan Wong

Future of Australian Governance

Mr Martin James Bailey

Mr Joseph Martin Fernandez

Ms Pia-Angela Francini

Ms Alison Gaines

Professor Janette Hartz-Karp

Ms Holly Elizabeth Ransom

Mr Wayne Francis Scheggia

Dr Christine Sharp

Options for the future of Indigenous Australia

Mr Wayne Bergman

Mr Mark Bin Bakar

Ms Julie Cobb

Ms Adele Helena Cox

Mr Patrick Dodson

Ms Kate George

Mr Bill Hart

Associate Professor Colleen Patricia Hayward

Mrs Dot Henry

Dr Christine Jeffries-Stokes

Ms Shirley McPherson

Professor Fiona Stanley

Mr Barry Taylor

Mr Ian Richard Trust

Mr Peter Yu

Mrs Nicola Forrest

Population, sustainability, climate change and water

Mr Carl Eric Binning

Ms Irina Cattalini

Mr Joe Ross

Dr Bev Ronalds

Strengthening communities, supporting families and social inclusion

Professor Daniela Anna Stehlik

The Productivity Agenda

Ms Sarina Bratton

Mr Alan Cransberg

Professor Jeanette Hacket

Ms Liz Harris

Ms Marilynne Paspaley

Ms Natalie Tabbah

Mr Keith Spence

Towards a creative


Mr Matthew Lutton

Mr Marshall McGuire

Ms Shelagh


Prof Margaret Seares


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