20/02/2007 - 22:00

David Green - DG Global Productions

20/02/2007 - 22:00


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David Green - DG Global Productions

Title: Executive director

Business: Production house

Total employees: 16

Reporting directly: 16



David Green says his most significant achievement was the successful merger of Look Creative and DG Global.

At the time, Mr Green was a shareholder in Look Creative and the sole proprietor of DG Global, which led to some confusion in the marketplace, he said.

The merger provided the time for Mr Green to produce, design and seek global development opportunities, which resulted in the establishment of business opportunities in Dubai, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai and Beijing.

In 2005, the Melbourne DG Global office opened with a full-time events team, which has secured a number of high-profile events on the east coast.

Career guides

• Brainstorm with staff and clients for each event and continuously research and look for new options.

• Demonstrate total customer ded-ication.

• Stress on family values and sha-re the highs and lows.

• Aim for the highest poss-ible q-ual-i-ty in every event, ensuring consistent focus and brilliance.


Mr Green was the 2006 winner of the Belmont Small Business award for event management and is a member of the Melbourne International Special Events Chapter. He is a Ronald McDonald Charities House and McDonald Convention 2007 committee member.

Top tips

“Work on the business – not in it. Travel, and surround yourself with good people. Don’t blame – train. Respect relationships, brainstorm and, most of all, have fun.”


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