27/07/2011 - 11:05

Datacom example for smaller firms

27/07/2011 - 11:05


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MAJOR companies may grab the corporate philanthropy limelight in Australia, but company giving schemes aren’t just for the big players.

Perth-based Datacom Systems (WA) has developed a culture of corporate social responsibility, supporting a staff volunteer program under which employees are encouraged to volunteer two days a year on paid leave. It also supports a PhD scholarship program and is a corporate donor to not for profits such as Parkerville Children and Youth Care.

Datacom managing director Basil Lenzo said business played a vital role in contributing to the wider community.

“Business focus should never be about profitability alone. Emphasis must be more directed to further improving health, education and environmental matters,” he said.  

“Instead of pulling back, we need to dig deeper to support valuable causes and ensure important social factors provide a positive impact to our local community.” 

Datacom has supported a three-year $75,000 scholarship program in collaboration with Strike A Chord and Curtin University and will fund research into improving the early diagnosis of bowel, colorectal and prostate cancer in men

“It doesn’t matter how large or small an operation you are. There are multitudes of causes that may impact us directly or indirectly,” Mr Lenzo said.


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