RISK: Outsourcing software development can lead to unpredictable and potentially expensive consequences. Photo: iStockphoto/nullplus

DIY software solutions work best

Having the technical skills to develop software in-house is a key point of difference for successful startups.

‘What does your business do?’ Ask that question of a lot of startups in Perth and you’ll get a lot of different responses. What’s unusual to hear, however, is ‘we make a software product’.

Yet the one thing in common among the businesses that made the headlines last year for customer engagement – Pin Payments, APE Mobile, Appbot, SEQTA and inhouse group (to name a few) – is a clear grasp of the technical task of building great software. None of these businesses outsources its development, and all of them have a tech founder or co-founder with strong product development chops.


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Startup Launch Date

131st-Dinner Twist01 Mar 2012
132nd-Bombora Wave Power02 Jan 2012
133rd-Pin Payments01 Nov 2011
134th-MiPlan01 Nov 2010
135th-HealthEngine01 Oct 2010
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